Trash Corral Do's and Don'ts:

We accept most things, but certain common sense rules apply.  Please read over the Do's and Don'ts before ordering.

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What is Allowed?

Furniture, Appliances, Cabinets, Trash Bags, Lumber, Plywood, Pallets,  Mailboxes, Weed eaters, Garden Hoses, Gas Grills, Patio Furniture, Swing sets, Tires(up to 5), Car Batteries, Mufflers, Wheels, Hot Tubs (not whole), Styrofoam, Electrical Panels, Conduit, Wire, Trampolines, Dog Houses, Fencing Panels, Aluminum, Steel, Small Pianos, Deconstructed Large Pianos, Fans, Small Motors, Clothing (Bagged)

, Chain Link (Rolled), Shelving, Exercise Equipment, Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Restaurant Equipment, Office Furniture, Copy Machines, Desks, Divider Walls, File Cabinets, Kerosene Heaters (no liquid in ), Insulation, Microwave Ovens, Toaster Ovens, Kitchen Appliances, Dishes, Canned and Boxed Food,  and Much, Much, More.

Rules and Restrictions for Trash Corrals

ALL SMALL TRASH must be bagged, small pieces drywall, cups, misc., etc.

NO Dirt, Rocks, Concrete, Block,  Sand, or other mineral materials

NO Tree Branches, Roots, or Firewood

NO Televisions, Monitors, or other Large Electronics

NO Paint, Gasoline, Paint Thinner, or other liquid Hazardous

NO Single Items weighing more than 250 lbs.

NO Heavy Marble or Granite Countertops

NO Plastic or Steel Drums

NO Shingles (up to 4 bags allowed)

NO Flourescent Lighting Tubes